Like fashion, car modification also has a trend. In this 21st century, where technology and innovation are developing very rapidly, here are the car modification trends that you can apply to make your car look modern and futuristic.

Increased horsepower

Engine modification will never be separated from the car modification trend. Turbochargers seem to be the choice of many people to increase the power of their car engines. This is because the forced-air induction method provides stable power from a small capacity engine.

Concave Wheels

Considered to give a custom car deep aesthetic, concave wheels have rapidly evolved into an upscale trend in less than a decade. The market for concave wheels is also expanding and there are more choices.

Body Kit

Since the 1990s, body kits have been in great demand, and have proven immensely popular in recent years with individual customizers and manufacturers alike. Companies like Porsche also provide body kits and their maintenance.

LED light

The portability, versatility, and relatively low cost of LED lamps make them easy to use for almost any vehicle modification. In-car modification, usually, these LED lights will be used in the headlights, taillights, and interior ambient lighting. But now that it seems a little bit shifting, customizers have innovated by making use of this lighting solution in the engine room and intricate settings under the vehicle. One of the newest trends is to install LED lights inside car wheels.

Grille Inserts

The trend of giving cars a new face is also in great demand. Many people think that installing a grill, it gives the impression of luxury and tough performance.
Billets, mesh, blacked-out, and even some LEDs are options if you want to use grille inserts. Depending on the type of insert and application, the costs can range from hundreds to in the thousands of dollars. These grille inserts have grown immensely popular with owners of sport utility vehicles and trucks.

Sound System

When the roar of the engine is not satisfying, it’s time to bring a new sound sensation to your hearing. With a series of 21st-century technologies that are now presented in the automotive market, it is increasingly providing and simplifying for customizers in stereo matters. The performance of modern speakers and subwoofers with features such as Bluetooth connectivity, on-board hard drive assembly, and DVD are some of the touches of 21st-century technological advances.

Custom Carpets

Carpet customization is also an option to make the car look trendy. You can choose this floor mat for utilitarian needs or just for style. Unlike carpets in general, these special rugs are tailored to a particular vehicle model and made as comfortable as possible. This carpet can also be replaced easily when you want to explore a new corner of interior design.

Modifying a car is like cooking in your kitchen. There are many various types of the trend to modify, you can mod your engine, performance, cosmetic exterior or interior, even to changing body-color with a certain type of a wrap or repaint your car. This modifying car is done by many people. Call it employees and players in Pandahoki used to modify their cars, with income and big bonuses that the Company offers to them. They get money from the results of playing online baccarat These are the example for modifying your car, but for the best result, you might have to ask the shop before you buy for the compatible item for your car. If you like to modify by yourself or you want to start getting to know, this is a perfect explanation for you.


Does your car feel slow or you want to get more faster? That would be 2 different answers, if your car feels slower, you need to service it. But if you want faster than the answer is to modify. First, you need to know the basic information of your car. what is the fuel type, technology of your car. Electronic and carburetor has a different system as well as diesel and petrol engine. For example, you can change your air intake filter to a performance air filter. Replacing the exhaust system, mod your carburetor or if you have an electronic fuel injection system, you might add a piggyback or tuning chip. Since you mod fuel system, you must tune with software to tune in of combustion system. Add race spark plug and race coil if needed. In extreme conditions, adding more power can be generated by forced induction such as turbo or supercharger system to your engine.


The exterior mod may be enormous of the type that you can put it in your car. Start with body panel such as body kit, wide-body continues along to headlamp or rear lamp can be replaced with LED, lighter or softer color of the bulb. Change your wheel and tire, put a wing on the rear side of your car. Repaint or wrapped with some sort of sticker panel.


Anything is almost possible to modify the interior of your car. Start from window tint, it would make your car much cooler as you choose the best window tint. Wrapping your seat with leather to feel more luxurious or changing both front seats for a racing bucket seat. Get some extra dial such as temperature gauge, oil cooler gauge, even bigger rpm gauge so you feel like in street race car movie. If you don’t feel good about your sound system, you may replace it with a more powerful sound system such as a subwoofer, audio player, etc. Accessories like gear knob, steering wheel, and interior trim with carbon fiber.

We will discuss every legendary engine that has point of performance, value, and long lasting. From small displacement 4 cylinders to huge displacement, engine has their own aspect. You may get with affordable price to swap your engine in your car, but beware of the mounting and some of them already using electronic fuel injection.

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Honda B-Series

Honda B-Series machine Picture

Honda B series engine has grown as street performance modified engine. Value has increase ever year cause rarity of the engine using for street or drag racing. Enthusiast mostly came for the V-TEC sound, B-series engine have 4 cylinders DOHC V-TEC, can be rev above 8.000 RPM. Honda B-series engine applied to Honda Integra, Civic Type R, Del-sol.

Chevy small block v8

If you heard about muscle car, yes some of them using chevy small block v8. Many variants of displacement but still v8 make this engine is affordable v8 and has so many option to modified. Chevy small block are getting more power with supercharged force induction.

Mazda Wankel Engine

Mazda wankel / rotary engine also known as renesis was produced in 1963 to 2012, the engine is very popular for small size but powerful, also poor for economic fuel efficiency. This wankel engine is lightweight and also popular for tuning, with high power-to-ratio. You can found in several Mazda RX series.


This engine has 3 decades lifespan, first introduce in early 2000s to 1 and 2 series, also 1M and M2 series. This engine can produce up to 300 Horse power. It’s 6 cylinders engine and thank to forced induction power that can deliver more air pressure to increase the engine power.

Toyota 1LR-GUE

This engine is developed by Yamaha engineering that build for Lexus LFA, we know that Lexus is Toyota sub brand. This engine can produces 550 horse power, displacement is 4.8L V10. Lexus LFA is limited production. Toyota engineer also make this sound like F1 car

Japanese cars are notorious of street performance engine and handling, they are mostly spread in late 80s to 90s. Basically they are endless upgradeable performance, from engine, brakes, suspension, to any accessories. Japanese car also famous of third party modified parts that are limited production so it makes increase status level of the car.

Mazda RX family

Mazda RX family Pic

Mazda RX family are start with Mazda RX-3 family, RX-7 Savana, RX-7 FC into RX-7 FD to RX-8, they are great performance thanks to wankle / rotary engine. Mazda has several championships on this era start from making 787B with wankle engine, so every line of motorsport are increasing through performance.

With pop-up headlight, Mazda RX also come along through any motorsports event. Japan Grand Touring Championship, to drifting championship. Mazda has good reputation over motorsport or street performance.

Nissan / Datsun 240 SX

Nissan 240 SX equipped with KA24DE is one of the most advanced in the era. KA24DE has double overhead camshaft, in Japan or Europe equipped with CA18DET turbocharged and intercooler engine. This is predecessor from Nissan Silvia.

Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86)

Everyone of JDM maniac must know this car, it’s Toyota hatchback body with 4A-GE engine fuel injected double overhead camshaft that can produce up to 120 bhp. It’s relatively small power output but if calculated from body to ratio it has very well balance. It also called sprinter Trueno, corolla Levin.

In the popular culture, this car showed on Initial D movie, Fast and furious movies, some games like need for speed, gran turismo, Grand theft auto, and more racing games.

Honda Integra

Honda Integra Pic

Honda integra first introduce in 1986, it came with various body style from sedan, coupe, 3-doors hatchback. Honda integra is basically civic with performance package but doesn’t share body frame. It makes Honda Integra more special. Unfortunately Honda Integra has stop production line in 2006 due to decreasing sales on coupe market

Muscle Cars are usually American cars with V8 engine either big or small block, usually engine is mounted on the front with rear wheel drive. Mostly American muscle cars are manufactured around 1960 to 1970, with construction 2 or 4 doors coupe/saloon/roadster from compact to midsize bodywork. It became really famous because muscle cars are affordable price and many made for drag racing. The philosophy for muscle car is making affordable car but putting high performance & displacement engine to get really fast on straight line speed, it also extension from hot-rod category.

Here are some muscle cars that people are looking for nowadays, they are searching for restoration, collecting, or racing purposes. For restoration process, you could restore your own or bring to reputable workshop. Some restorations have selling value.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang Pic

Ford Mustang was first introduced in 1964 with coupe body style, long hood, convertible or hardtop. Engine can widely to be chosen from 170cu in (2.8L) straight six to 289cu in (4.7L) V8 engine, with rear wheel drive. It spread across entire USA and recognize that one of the beautiful cars in 1960s. Nowadays people are looking for this car because it has a lot of stock, so many models like fastback, coupe, hardtop, and many minor change & facelift design every year. Ford Mustang also often appear in box office movies.

Dodge Challanger

Dodge Challanger Pic

Dodge Challanger first manufactured in 1970 to compete Mercury Cougar and Pontiac Firebird. It has sharing parts from Plymouth Barracuda but made smaller sizes. Design by Carl Cameron, Dodge challenger made with luxury style, long wheelbase sales were booming in 1973-1974 with total around 165.000 were sold. Dodge challenger also has cosmetic option, engine variation, and other accessories.

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro Pic

Chevrolet Camaro was introduced in 1966 with 4 packages available, RS with minor change of style trim, SS with stripping and performance engines, and Z/28 the highest performance package with performance engine 4.9L V8, 4 speed transmission, disc brake. COPO version has 7.0 L V8 big block engine. Camaro were so famous when filmed in Transformers directed by Michael Bay.

Original manufactured car are feel bored for some people, they rather tune themselves or send to professional tuning company to make their car faster. Some are modified to look more aesthetic point. But it won’t cost cheap.

We know that special modified are targeting on performance package, or change the car into more luxurious, or more personal style. Here are some example of tuning house company around the world, they usually make for various brand.

HKS – Japan


HKS was founded by Hiroyuki Hasegawa in 1973, he is a former Yamaha engineer. His partner Goichi Kitagawa is start up company of Sigma Automotive joins together to tune gasoline engine in farmer machine. Later on they put turbocharger kit for passenger cars. Nowadays HKS is tuning company that make several performance item for many Japanese car brands, HKS also showed up on Gran Turismo game series with their own tuning car.

BRABUS – Germany

Brabus is a performance aftermarket tuning from Germany that specialized on Mercedes cars line up. Brabus was formed in 1977 by Bodo Buschmann. Brabus mean Brackmann Burschmann. Because in Germany, a company must registered in two people. Brackmann didn’t interest in modifying so he sold to Burschmann only 100 euros. Brabus is focusing on Mercedes benz line up , Smart car, and Maybach, it produce performance items or cosmetic.

KLEEMANN – Germany

Kleemann is an aftermarket tuning company that focused on performance items, cosmetic items, and hardware include brakes, suspensions. Kleeman also has Lamborghini lineup items. Kleeman was founded by Claus Ankjaer and Flemming Kleeman in Copenhagen 1985.

AKRAPOVIC – Slovenia

Akrapovic was founded in 1990 by Igor Akrapovic in Slovenian. The company began on selling performance motorcycle exhaust but in 2010, Akrapovic also selling performance exhaust for automobiles in many brand variations. Their project on several racing event made the company success. Now akrapovic join with some F1 team and MotoGP.

European car is more likely to restore, parts are much easier because mostly they sold globally. Price may vary and model also depends on personal preference. But it build with many variant of grade.

Mercedes W124

Mercedes W124 image

Mercedes is one of the best enthusiast all over the world, one of the model its w124. With many configurations body such as sedan, limousine, coupe, convertible, estate / wagon to engine preference from petrolicious to diesel. W124 was manufactured in 1984 to 1997, each year has minor change. If you want original restoration, you should search part in every year of changed. Some region also has differences, causing this w124 has million parts to buy.

Other interesting of w124 is the advanced groundbreaking from that era. It used many technology such as lowest drag coefficient, carburetor choice or fuel injection, trim line from standard, masterpiece, to AMG performance line with 6.0L v8 petrol engine.

BMW 3 series E30

BMW 3 series E30 image

BMW 3 series E30 was first introduced in 1986, produced in coupe and convertible body style. E30 were renowned cause by design boxy style with performance engine in M3 series. It also has different trim such as evolution trim with increasing horse power of its engine, evolution sports with lighter and more displacement of the engine make gain extra horse power, Ravaglia and cecotto edition is more like limited tuned version, M3 version is motorsport version. M3 won 24 hours nurburgring five times and spa 24 hours four times with special M performance homologation.

VW Beetle

Everyone knows VW beetle, popularity is increase every year from it introduce in 1938 during world war I under command from Hitler. Purpose of this vehicle is for people the country can buy car that affordable price. Design by Ferdinand Porsche, first name as Volkswagen type 1.

Engine is originally carburetor with now modified water-cooled or air-cooled forced induction and electronic fuel injection, this car can go really fast in straight line. Nowadays people are looking this car for original restoration, racing purpose, or just nostalgia historic value.