We will discuss every legendary engine that has point of performance, value, and long lasting. From small displacement 4 cylinders to huge displacement, engine has their own aspect. You may get with affordable price to swap your engine in your car, but beware of the mounting and some of them already using electronic fuel injection.

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Honda B-Series

Honda B-Series machine Picture

Honda B series engine has grown as street performance modified engine. Value has increase ever year cause rarity of the engine using for street or drag racing. Enthusiast mostly came for the V-TEC sound, B-series engine have 4 cylinders DOHC V-TEC, can be rev above 8.000 RPM. Honda B-series engine applied to Honda Integra, Civic Type R, Del-sol.

Chevy small block v8

If you heard about muscle car, yes some of them using chevy small block v8. Many variants of displacement but still v8 make this engine is affordable v8 and has so many option to modified. Chevy small block are getting more power with supercharged force induction.

Mazda Wankel Engine

Mazda wankel / rotary engine also known as renesis was produced in 1963 to 2012, the engine is very popular for small size but powerful, also poor for economic fuel efficiency. This wankel engine is lightweight and also popular for tuning, with high power-to-ratio. You can found in several Mazda RX series.


This engine has 3 decades lifespan, first introduce in early 2000s to 1 and 2 series, also 1M and M2 series. This engine can produce up to 300 Horse power. It’s 6 cylinders engine and thank to forced induction power that can deliver more air pressure to increase the engine power.

Toyota 1LR-GUE

This engine is developed by Yamaha engineering that build for Lexus LFA, we know that Lexus is Toyota sub brand. This engine can produces 550 horse power, displacement is 4.8L V10. Lexus LFA is limited production. Toyota engineer also make this sound like F1 car