Modifying a car is like cooking in your kitchen. There are many various types of the trend to modify, you can mod your engine, performance, cosmetic exterior or interior, even to changing body-color with a certain type of a wrap or repaint your car. This modifying car is done by many people. Call it employees and players in Pandahoki used to modify their cars, with income and big bonuses that the Company offers to them. They get money from the results of playing online baccarat These are the example for modifying your car, but for the best result, you might have to ask the shop before you buy for the compatible item for your car. If you like to modify by yourself or you want to start getting to know, this is a perfect explanation for you.


Does your car feel slow or you want to get more faster? That would be 2 different answers, if your car feels slower, you need to service it. But if you want faster than the answer is to modify. First, you need to know the basic information of your car. what is the fuel type, technology of your car. Electronic and carburetor has a different system as well as diesel and petrol engine. For example, you can change your air intake filter to a performance air filter. Replacing the exhaust system, mod your carburetor or if you have an electronic fuel injection system, you might add a piggyback or tuning chip. Since you mod fuel system, you must tune with software to tune in of combustion system. Add race spark plug and race coil if needed. In extreme conditions, adding more power can be generated by forced induction such as turbo or supercharger system to your engine.


The exterior mod may be enormous of the type that you can put it in your car. Start with body panel such as body kit, wide-body continues along to headlamp or rear lamp can be replaced with LED, lighter or softer color of the bulb. Change your wheel and tire, put a wing on the rear side of your car. Repaint or wrapped with some sort of sticker panel.


Anything is almost possible to modify the interior of your car. Start from window tint, it would make your car much cooler as you choose the best window tint. Wrapping your seat with leather to feel more luxurious or changing both front seats for a racing bucket seat. Get some extra dial such as temperature gauge, oil cooler gauge, even bigger rpm gauge so you feel like in street race car movie. If you don’t feel good about your sound system, you may replace it with a more powerful sound system such as a subwoofer, audio player, etc. Accessories like gear knob, steering wheel, and interior trim with carbon fiber.