European car is more likely to restore, parts are much easier because mostly they sold globally. Price may vary and model also depends on personal preference. But it build with many variant of grade.

Mercedes W124

Mercedes W124 image

Mercedes is one of the best enthusiast all over the world, one of the model its w124. With many configurations body such as sedan, limousine, coupe, convertible, estate / wagon to engine preference from petrolicious to diesel. W124 was manufactured in 1984 to 1997, each year has minor change. If you want original restoration, you should search part in every year of changed. Some region also has differences, causing this w124 has million parts to buy.

Other interesting of w124 is the advanced groundbreaking from that era. It used many technology such as lowest drag coefficient, carburetor choice or fuel injection, trim line from standard, masterpiece, to AMG performance line with 6.0L v8 petrol engine.

BMW 3 series E30

BMW 3 series E30 image

BMW 3 series E30 was first introduced in 1986, produced in coupe and convertible body style. E30 were renowned cause by design boxy style with performance engine in M3 series. It also has different trim such as evolution trim with increasing horse power of its engine, evolution sports with lighter and more displacement of the engine make gain extra horse power, Ravaglia and cecotto edition is more like limited tuned version, M3 version is motorsport version. M3 won 24 hours nurburgring five times and spa 24 hours four times with special M performance homologation.

VW Beetle

Everyone knows VW beetle, popularity is increase every year from it introduce in 1938 during world war I under command from Hitler. Purpose of this vehicle is for people the country can buy car that affordable price. Design by Ferdinand Porsche, first name as Volkswagen type 1.

Engine is originally carburetor with now modified water-cooled or air-cooled forced induction and electronic fuel injection, this car can go really fast in straight line. Nowadays people are looking this car for original restoration, racing purpose, or just nostalgia historic value.