Japanese cars are notorious of street performance engine and handling, they are mostly spread in late 80s to 90s. Basically they are endless upgradeable performance, from engine, brakes, suspension, to any accessories. Japanese car also famous of third party modified parts that are limited production so it makes increase status level of the car.

Mazda RX family

Mazda RX family Pic

Mazda RX family are start with Mazda RX-3 family, RX-7 Savana, RX-7 FC into RX-7 FD to RX-8, they are great performance thanks to wankle / rotary engine. Mazda has several championships on this era start from making 787B with wankle engine, so every line of motorsport are increasing through performance.

With pop-up headlight, Mazda RX also come along through any motorsports event. Japan Grand Touring Championship, to drifting championship. Mazda has good reputation over motorsport or street performance.

Nissan / Datsun 240 SX

Nissan 240 SX equipped with KA24DE is one of the most advanced in the era. KA24DE has double overhead camshaft, in Japan or Europe equipped with CA18DET turbocharged and intercooler engine. This is predecessor from Nissan Silvia.

Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86)

Everyone of JDM maniac must know this car, it’s Toyota hatchback body with 4A-GE engine fuel injected double overhead camshaft that can produce up to 120 bhp. It’s relatively small power output but if calculated from body to ratio it has very well balance. It also called sprinter Trueno, corolla Levin.

In the popular culture, this car showed on Initial D movie, Fast and furious movies, some games like need for speed, gran turismo, Grand theft auto, and more racing games.

Honda Integra

Honda Integra Pic

Honda integra first introduce in 1986, it came with various body style from sedan, coupe, 3-doors hatchback. Honda integra is basically civic with performance package but doesn’t share body frame. It makes Honda Integra more special. Unfortunately Honda Integra has stop production line in 2006 due to decreasing sales on coupe market