Like fashion, car modification also has a trend. In this 21st century, where technology and innovation are developing very rapidly, here are the car modification trends that you can apply to make your car look modern and futuristic.

Increased horsepower

Engine modification will never be separated from the car modification trend. Turbochargers seem to be the choice of many people to increase the power of their car engines. This is because the forced-air induction method provides stable power from a small capacity engine.

Concave Wheels

Considered to give a custom car deep aesthetic, concave wheels have rapidly evolved into an upscale trend in less than a decade. The market for concave wheels is also expanding and there are more choices.

Body Kit

Since the 1990s, body kits have been in great demand, and have proven immensely popular in recent years with individual customizers and manufacturers alike. Companies like Porsche also provide body kits and their maintenance.

LED light

The portability, versatility, and relatively low cost of LED lamps make them easy to use for almost any vehicle modification. In-car modification, usually, these LED lights will be used in the headlights, taillights, and interior ambient lighting. But now that it seems a little bit shifting, customizers have innovated by making use of this lighting solution in the engine room and intricate settings under the vehicle. One of the newest trends is to install LED lights inside car wheels.

Grille Inserts

The trend of giving cars a new face is also in great demand. Many people think that installing a grill, it gives the impression of luxury and tough performance.
Billets, mesh, blacked-out, and even some LEDs are options if you want to use grille inserts. Depending on the type of insert and application, the costs can range from hundreds to in the thousands of dollars. These grille inserts have grown immensely popular with owners of sport utility vehicles and trucks.

Sound System

When the roar of the engine is not satisfying, it’s time to bring a new sound sensation to your hearing. With a series of 21st-century technologies that are now presented in the automotive market, it is increasingly providing and simplifying for customizers in stereo matters. The performance of modern speakers and subwoofers with features such as Bluetooth connectivity, on-board hard drive assembly, and DVD are some of the touches of 21st-century technological advances.

Custom Carpets

Carpet customization is also an option to make the car look trendy. You can choose this floor mat for utilitarian needs or just for style. Unlike carpets in general, these special rugs are tailored to a particular vehicle model and made as comfortable as possible. This carpet can also be replaced easily when you want to explore a new corner of interior design.