Original manufactured car are feel bored for some people, they rather tune themselves or send to professional tuning company to make their car faster. Some are modified to look more aesthetic point. But it won’t cost cheap.

We know that special modified are targeting on performance package, or change the car into more luxurious, or more personal style. Here are some example of tuning house company around the world, they usually make for various brand.

HKS – Japan


HKS was founded by Hiroyuki Hasegawa in 1973, he is a former Yamaha engineer. His partner Goichi Kitagawa is start up company of Sigma Automotive joins together to tune gasoline engine in farmer machine. Later on they put turbocharger kit for passenger cars. Nowadays HKS is tuning company that make several performance item for many Japanese car brands, HKS also showed up on Gran Turismo game series with their own tuning car.

BRABUS – Germany

Brabus is a performance aftermarket tuning from Germany that specialized on Mercedes cars line up. Brabus was formed in 1977 by Bodo Buschmann. Brabus mean Brackmann Burschmann. Because in Germany, a company must registered in two people. Brackmann didn’t interest in modifying so he sold to Burschmann only 100 euros. Brabus is focusing on Mercedes benz line up , Smart car, and Maybach, it produce performance items or cosmetic.

KLEEMANN – Germany

Kleemann is an aftermarket tuning company that focused on performance items, cosmetic items, and hardware include brakes, suspensions. Kleeman also has Lamborghini lineup items. Kleeman was founded by Claus Ankjaer and Flemming Kleeman in Copenhagen 1985.

AKRAPOVIC – Slovenia

Akrapovic was founded in 1990 by Igor Akrapovic in Slovenian. The company began on selling performance motorcycle exhaust but in 2010, Akrapovic also selling performance exhaust for automobiles in many brand variations. Their project on several racing event made the company success. Now akrapovic join with some F1 team and MotoGP.